How LetterPop Works | Drag. Drop. Click. Edit.

Oh yeah, and Save. In a nutshell that's how LetterPop works. It's powerful in its simplicity. And there's a whole lot more.

Surprisingly Easy Learning Curve

How To Use LetterPop

How To Create ...

It's an easy three-step process that starts by going to the Create a Newsletter Page.

LetterPop even saves your work as you go (though clicking the green save check mark from time-time isn't a bad idea). You can access your creations from your My Account page.

Those are the basics. Told you LetterPop is easy to use.

What To Do Next to get advanced results

Want to make sure people can always read and reread what you create at LetterPop? Profiles allow you to archive as much as you want.

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