Total Escape TRIPPIN: August 2009

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AvatarWill70Westy [guest] says:

Perseids baby. check out the new deck!

Posted 3414 days ago | Permalink

AvatarDanaMite from Total Escape says:

A slow to start to the show here in Los Padres. Only one grazer so far tonight. Moon will be up shortly. Get your outdoor slumber parties together, right now!

Posted 3414 days ago | Permalink

AvatarRoadhog [guest] says:

meteor showers rule! maybe one will land like the watermelon sized one recently found on Mars!

Posted 3414 days ago | Permalink

Avatarmigol [guest] says:

Perseids! We were out east of SD and got to see a handful before the moon came out and clouds gathered. Missing you Dana! Time to see ya again!!!

Posted 3413 days ago | Permalink

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