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AvatarApril's Beautiful Chaos says:

Mindy, Just checked out your blog and your website - very nice stuff. I believe in hand written notes. I am looking for original stationary as well as a printer. I have 2 questions... 1 - can the note card be reran through an ink jet printer 2 - do you accept artwork for printing (I would like some stationary created using my children's art work. Nice "meeting" you!

Posted 4240 days ago | Permalink

Avatargroovyinclinations says:

Hi April~ thanks so much for stopping by! Yes, my cards can be re-ran through an ink jet printer. And I could certainly create stationery using your children's artwork. What a super idea! thanks again April, Mindy

Posted 4240 days ago | Permalink

AvatarNina Ruth says:

I love the sheep! Super!!!

Posted 4234 days ago | Permalink

AvatarDAd [guest] says:

I LOVE linking people to your work! Love it and you!

Posted 3710 days ago | Permalink

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